Our stay at Casa Mae, Lagos

Casa Mae, Lagos Portugal

Lagos (or Lagosh as I learnt to say) was one of the highlights from our recent trip to Portugal. All expectations however, were exceeded when we checked into the boutique hotel of Casa Mae. Boasting beautiful suites, home-grown fruits and friendly staff, we knew our stay here would be a special one and how right […]

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Living like locals in Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama, Lisbon, Visit Portugal, Portugal, Travel blog, Blog

For our first stop in Lisbon, we stayed in Alfama – the oldest neighbourhood of the capital. A place full of charming alleyways, beautiful tiles and real people, which made an unforgettable experience. Over the four days we stayed in Alfama we met lots of amazing people and had a few memorable moments which I […]

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Things you may think and do if you live in a rental apartment

Living in a rented apartment has its pros and cons. On one side it’s great because we have the flexibility of a rolling contract and don’t need to stress too much about calling engineers to fix the washing machine (again). On the other side, it brings its share fair of doom and gloom – some […]

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Nine ways to relax

ways to relax, mindfulness, anxiety, how to help anxiety, self-help, relaxation techniques

Isn’t it funny how we need to actively think about ways to relax? With life often moving at what can seem a gazillion miles an hour sometimes, relaxing is weirdly a thing we often forget to do. Or maybe the type of relaxing we think is helping – actually isn’t? Now it’s no surprise that […]

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The Bucharest City Guide

Bucharest is a city which has always intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. With my family being from the coast of Romania, we often used to fly in to the capital and jump on the train straight to the seaside – meaning Bucharest was a place we didn’t really visit. In recent years, […]

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Our stay at Hotel On Plonge Jr, Mamaia

Located 3 hours away from Bucharest, Mamaia – not to be mistaken for Miami – is a seaside resort in Romania where I’ve spent the majority of my summers growing up, gallivanting on the beach and swimming in the sea. But it’s a place which means quite a lot to me. I learnt to walk […]

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A ‘what you should know’ guide to Santorini and Naxos

After dreaming about soaking up the sun, eating good food and enjoying Greek life we visited Oia & Fira in Santorini and the nearby island of Naxos for our summer holiday. From an authentic point of view the places we visited in Santorini were far from this – as you can imagine it was a […]

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Postcards from Castle Combe

After enjoying a few days in Bath, we headed to the place where Steven Spielberg filmed his World War I drama War Horse – Castle Combe. Granted, perhaps not too many people would pick Castle Combe as a destination for that particular reason. But then again, it is one of the top places to visit in The Cotswolds. A […]

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Chasing sunsets & eating gelato in Oia, Santorini


Last summer we embarked on a trip to Greece. After spending weeks searching for the best destination for a little summer sun we decided on Santorini. A place hot on everyone’s radar at the moment, but one which will leave you breathless.  With flights direct from Manchester it seemed like the perfect choice. However I […]

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