Checking in to Torel Palace, Lisbon

Imagine this – we arrive at the train station in Lisbon, sweating profusely with frizzy hair, wearing a creased dress and shirt, before making our way to an old palace. Yep, you read that right – a palace. It wasn’t the way I particularly imagined us arriving, but that’s just how we rolled. For the […]

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A day trip to Sintra, Portugal

During the first half of our trip in Lisbon, we decided to venture to Sintra – a picturesque Portuguese town located in the foothills of the Sintra mountains. Moving away from the busy yet charming city of Lisbon, Sintra was like a fairytale town perched high in what felt like a completely different part of […]

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Our stay at Casa Mae, Lagos

Casa Mae, Lagos Portugal

Lagos (or Lagosh as I learnt to say) was one of the highlights from our recent trip to Portugal. All expectations however, were exceeded when we checked into the boutique hotel of Casa Mae. Boasting beautiful suites, home-grown fruits and friendly staff, we knew our stay here would be a special one and how right […]

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Living like locals in Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama, Lisbon, Visit Portugal, Portugal, Travel blog, Blog

For our first stop in Lisbon, we stayed in Alfama – the oldest neighbourhood of the capital. A place full of charming alleyways, beautiful tiles and real people, which made an unforgettable experience. Over the four days we stayed in Alfama we met lots of amazing people and had a few memorable moments which I […]

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