What I read in February

I used to read a lot – especially when I was younger. However it dawned on me a few weeks ago, I barely ever read nowadays. I think the last time I read a book was about 18 months ago as I tend to just read articles, blogs and social media posts instead. After this […]

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An evening with John Lewis

In between scrolling aimlessly for holiday inspiration, you can find me browsing through interior blogs and homeware store sites. While we can’t fit a new sofa in our rented apartment and although we can’t redecorate, surely that doesn’t mean I can’t create an interior scrapbook with paint and fabric samples for our one-day-hope-to-be first home? […]

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How to have the perfect night in

I love having a night in and to be honest, it’s practically the norm for most weekends – especially when the weather is looking a bit worse for wear. Gone are the days when I would go out on the town wearing a dress and heels in the pouring rain – nowadays it’s all about […]

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Sausage pasta – a quick and easy recipe

One of things I love the most, is tucking into a bowl of pasta with a sauce full of vegetables and a generous sprinkling of cheese. It has to be one of my all time favourite dinners to make. After years of failing with pre-made pasta sauces during my student years, I’ve perfected and enjoyed […]

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The six podcasts I’m loving right now

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Over the past few weeks, there’s one thing which I’ve seriously been loving (aside from binge-watching Friends) and that’s podcasts. I’m usually the type of person who loves curling up on the sofa with a YouTube video, but I’ve found podcasts are actually way more convenient and if truth be told more interesting – plus […]

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A New Year walk on the Wirral

Growing up on the Wirral, I was absolutely spoilt with beautiful views and things to do. However, despite living there for 20 odd years, I didn’t always make the most of it. So while we were home over the Christmas break, I was determined to do exactly that and so we ventured to the beach […]

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Things you may think and do if you live in a rental apartment

Living in a rented apartment has its pros and cons. On one side it’s great because we have the flexibility of a rolling contract and don’t need to stress too much about calling engineers to fix the washing machine (again). On the other side, it brings its share fair of doom and gloom – some […]

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Nine ways to relax

ways to relax, mindfulness, anxiety, how to help anxiety, self-help, relaxation techniques

Isn’t it funny how we need to actively think about ways to relax? With life often moving at what can seem a gazillion miles an hour sometimes, relaxing is weirdly a thing we often forget to do. Or maybe the type of relaxing we think is helping – actually isn’t? Now it’s no surprise that […]

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The morning after Brexit

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Last year’s referendum result was an odd time. I remember waking to the news that we would officially leave the European Union and it felt almost like a dream or the start to a movie. I wrote the piece below the morning after the results were announced. Although a few things have changed since then, […]

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