About Me

Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

Welcome to Brew & Bloom.

My name is Marianna and I’m the girl behind this blog. I live in Manchester with my other half, Bogdan, and I’ve called this city my home for the past eight years.

I’m twenty-six and I enjoy a lot of things in life – mainly homeware, Dairy Milk chocolate, cats, my dog, Max, and travelling. I’m not one to obsess over the latest beauty products or fashion trends, but I guarantee every night you can find me aimlessly browsing the new arrivals over on ASOS and making some cheeky next-day-delivery orders.

I actually prefer keeping up with Prime Ministers Questions than the Kardashians – but don’t judge me if it just so happens to be on the TV. And while I do enjoy the odd occasion of getting dressed up – I’m rather happy to stick my hair up into a hairy pineapple, throw on my fluffy pyjamas (even if it is summer), while I wonder when the last time I shaved my legs was – I could’ve sworn it was only yesterday! Oh, the joys of being twenty-six.

So what’s my blog actually about?

I first started blogging back in 2012 when I graduated from University. I used it as a way of showcasing my writing for job interviews and generally for it to be a place where I could share the things I liked and was interested in.

I wrote about all things from the USA election and Kate Middleton, to the guy who jumped to earth from space and how to bake shortbread – it was pretty eclectic! I soon moved towards food blogging, but felt a bit disheartened when every time I tried to bake something, my oven would burn it to a crisp. As well as this, as the years went by, the blog just didn’t feel like me anymore and I soon stopped.

Moving to the latter half of 2017 and after a fair share of persuasion from Bogdan, I felt ready to create a new blog. One which was completely stripped-back from what I did before, and for it to be the kind of thing I always wanted my own blog to be. In all honesty, I find it difficult to address myself as a ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’ because, let’s get real here, that doesn’t necessary feel like me. Instead, I love creating content. And therefore, I feel more comfortable being a ‘content creator’ who likes planning, thinking of the creative concepts, frantically writing, taking photos through sweat, blood and tears and sharing it all on social.

With that being said, I see Brew & Bloom as a place where I can share my memories, thoughts and adventures as well as being creative – whether it’s through my writing, photography or the videos we make as Bogdan is a dab hand at film making.

I want to write about things which excite me and will inspire you – it could be a new travel destination, a top tip every now and again, an all time favourite recipe, a place I’m loving or something that’s on my mind. But as well as all those fun and light-hearted articles, I want to write about some real life and often tricky stuff too whether that’s mental health wellbeing, improving low-confidence and the struggles of anxiety.

If you fancy saying “hi” find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or pop me an email to marianna@brewandbloom.blog as it would be great to hear from you.


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