Oh hi there.

Welcome to Brew & Bloom.

My name is Marianna and I’m the girl behind this blog. I live in Manchester with my other half, Bogdan, and I’ve called this city my home for the past NINE years – just where did that time go?!

I’m twenty-six and I enjoy a lot of things in life – mainly homeware, Dairy Milk chocolate, cats, my dog, Max, and travelling. I’m not one to obsess over the latest beauty products or fashion trends, instead I guarantee you can always find me aimlessly browsing airline, hotel and destination sites adding them to our ‘must see’ travel list.

When I’m not planning a trip, writing my blog or cooking, you can find me watching Prime Minister’s Questions, Location, Location, Location and Keeping up with the Kardashians – throw in a few episodes of A Place in the Sun too just for good measure.

While I do enjoy the odd occasion of getting dressed up (or overly stretching myself trying to squeeze into my skinny jeans), I sometimes prefer to stick my hair up into a pineapple, throw on my fluffy, Christmas pyjamas (even in the summer) and ponder when the last time I shaved my legs was – I could have sworn it was only yesterday!

So when I’m not living glorious moments like that, I spend a lot of my time dreaming about travelling and getting a real buzz out of organising trips. We’ve been lucky enough to explore the mountains in Romania, back street alleys of Lisbon, beaches of Lagos and the ruins of Rome in the past year alone – plus a few more trips too. Our list of travelling never seems to end and in between trying to save for our first home (the joys of adulting), I try my hardest to make sure we have the time to travel.

So what’s my blog actually about?

I first started blogging back in 2012 when I graduated from University. I used it as a way of showcasing my writing for job interviews and generally for it to be a place where I could share the things I liked and was interested in.

I wrote about all things from the USA election and Kate Middleton, to the guy who jumped to earth from space and how to bake shortbread – it was pretty eclectic! I soon moved towards food blogging, but felt a bit disheartened when every time I tried to bake something, my oven would burn it to a crisp. As well as this, as the years went by, the blog just didn’t feel like me anymore and I soon stopped.

Moving to the latter half of 2017 and after a fair share of persuasion from Bogdan, I felt ready to create a new blog. One which was completely stripped-back from what I did before, and for it to be the kind of thing I always wanted my own blog to be – a place to record memories all the while help to inform my readers of things too.

In all honesty, I find it difficult to address myself as a ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’ because, let’s get real here, that doesn’t necessary feel like me and I see myself as more of a content creator. Or rather someone who loves writing, creating content whilst trying to stay afloat in the blogging world and life in general.

Basically, we are just your normal twenty-somethings with a passion for seeing the world, whilst trying to save for the future from our little flat in somewhat dodgy part of Manchester!

Brew & Bloom is place where I can share my memories, thoughts and adventures. Together we love creating content whether it’s through my writing and photography, or Bogdan’s awesome skills as a filmmaker and we often love to collaborate on this type of work.

I love writing abou things which excite me and will inspire you – whether it’s a new travel destination, a top tip every now and again, an all time favourite recipe, a place I’m loving or something that’s on my mind. But as well as all those fun and light-hearted articles, I am passionate about injecting some real life and often tricky stuff too into the blog by chatting about all things mental health, wellbeing, improving low-confidence and the difficult struggles of anxiety. And if you’re new to the blog, check out some of my all-time, most loved posts.

If you fancy saying “hi” you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or pop me an email to marianna@brewandbloom.blog.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Brew & Bloom.

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