The six podcasts I’m loving right now

Over the past few weeks, there’s one thing which I’ve seriously been loving (aside from binge-watching Friends) and that’s podcasts. I’m usually the type of person who loves curling up on the sofa with a YouTube video, but I’ve found podcasts are actually way more convenient and if truth be told more interesting – plus they’re not encouraging me to go and order loads of (un)necessary clothes from Zara.

About two years ago, I started to listen to the Serial podcast and we got hooked on the first series whilst on holiday in Greece. Instead of sunbathing by the pool for the entire day, we would end up back in our room listening non-stop to the episodes, pretending to be investigators guessing who actually committed the murder. But once we reached the final episode of the series, they sort-of drifted off my radar and normal life resumed.

But moving to the present day and thanks to some inspiring people on my social feeds, I’ve actually re-discovered podcasts and I feel a total convert now. I think I was getting a bit fed-up with watching particular influencers splurge on designer bags and beauty products, as I just wanted something different – and dare I say it, a touch more interesting and something which appeals more to my own hobbies. One of the things I most like about the selection I’ve been listening to, is how I actually learn something from each episode. And I find podcasts are really easy to just weave into my daily routine, whether I’m getting ready for work or listening to an episode whilst making dinner.

I seem to have quite a diverse taste with them as I’m usually listening to crime stories or blogging chats and travel-related podcasts. Either way, the ones which I’ve really enjoyed have either enlightened me or got me thinking. While I think I’ll still keep watching a select few YouTube channels, I feel quite happy listening to these podcasts and it’s rather refreshing to just listen to some different and relatable content.

So now that I’ve nattered on for long enough, here are the six podcasts which I’m really enjoying at the moment and some which have actually inspired me to perhaps start my own one day in the future – if I can get over the sound of my voice on a recording!

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Crime stories

S-Town by Serial

Brought to the world by the makers of Serial and This American Life, S-Town is a story of a man who really despises his hometown (hence the name) and asks the podcast host to investigate a potential suspect over an alleged murder. Bogdan got me listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and I’ve found it to be a rather interesting story so far. We’re only 3 episodes in, but there has certainly been lots of twists and turns which have kept us hooked. It’s quite different to the original Serial podcast, but certainly worth a listen.

Casefile – true crime podcast

While I am partial to a bit of trashy TV, I actually prefer to watch the True Crime channels about historical or more recent cases of murders. Okay, so writing that does make me sound a little strange, but I find it so fascinating. My colleague in work mentioned how she was listening to a crime podcast and shared Casefile with me. To date there are over 70 episodes which range from lessen-known crimes, to ones which have gone down in history. It’s narrated by an Australian-guy and the accent can take some time to get used to, but this thriller podcast is written in a way which will keep you gripped.

Chatty and down-to-earth interviews about life and all things creative

Is It Just Me? By Jo Elvin and James Williams

Granted I only started listening to this podcast a few days ago, but it’s made me laugh out loud and made me think a bit more about some life topics as a twenty-something year old woman. Hosted by Glamour Magazine’s Jo Elvin, James Williams and a celebrity guest, ‘Is It Just Me?’ is a podcast which openly talks about some interesting topics whether it’s sex and bras, to social media in society and mental health. The celebrity guests don’t particularly make me want to listen to this podcast, but it’s the honesty and no-barriers approach which I quite like AND it’s nice to know I’m not the only one thinking some things too!

What She Said by Lucy Lucraft

Wanderluce, Lucy Lucraft’s, podcast has gripped me from each episode to another. Her chatty episodes explore a whole range of topics and interests from smashing self-promotion and building a freelance career to upping your content game and blogging part-time, and in the short time I’ve been listening, I feel like I’ve learnt so much. Lucy speaks with lots of inspiring ladies too including Monica Stott (Travel Hack), Chloe Gunning (Wanderlust Chloe) and Sophie Cliff, who share their wisdom and experience when it comes to building careers and their blogs. If you’re looking at developing your blog and skills, I’d highly recommend listening to Lucy’s podcast as there are so many great lessons to learn.

Made Online by Hayley Carr

A slightly different one by Hayley Carr who creates the Made Online podcast, which shares inspirational stories from those who have done exactly that – made it online. Having only worked my way through one interview with Hannah Gale, I had to add it to this list as it was such a good insight into the real life stories of what could perhaps be perceived as a less-than-real-life online. It’s a refreshing listen and has opened my eyes up to the crazy amount of hard work that goes into running an online business, all the while motivating me.

Travel inspiration and chats

Twin Perspectives by Twins That Travel

I started this year by listening to Twins That Travel who recently launched their own podcast series. What I love most about this podcast is how the girls are so open about their blogging experience and every time I listen to an episode, I feel so inspired to crack on with my own blog – or at least travelling! Their podcasts talk about all things from the realities of self-employment and alternative ways to grow your blog/brand to a destination guide to Saint Lucia and opening up about their mental health experience – their podcasts in a way sum up my own hopes, dreams and reality; which is why I think  they are ones to listen to right now.

And one more just for good luck…

I’m working my way through wannabe professional city breaker, Sam Sparrow’s recently launched podcast ‘The Travelust Podcast’ which I’m really enjoying as a spin-off to her awesome blog. Sam chats with guests who simply love travelling and have been lucky to build their life around it – she explores topics such as expat life and city break planning to wellbeing. I think it’s definitely one ‘watch’ (or rather ‘listen to’) this year.

I’m always on the hunt for stocking up my podcast playlist, so if you’ve been listening to one which you’re loving let me know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “The six podcasts I’m loving right now

    1. Enjoy! It’s such an interesting way of telling a travel story through podcasts as I think we are always so used to seeing photos and videos – but I guess it means our imagination can go wild!


  1. As a podcast lover, happy to have bumped into your contribution. Thanks for sharing! I run a more scientific type of blog but you may still want to check it out and find some inspiration 🙂


    1. There’s so many episodes and really interesting cases featured. A few weeks ago I went through a phase of watching 90% of the crime documentaries on Netflix so I’m with you on that one!


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