Day trip to Bakewell, Peak District

Living in Manchester we’re pretty lucky to have rolling hills and other buzzing cities nearby. Within an hour’s drive from the city you can be in a place which feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thankfully this is where the Peak District comes in.

A few weekends ago we hopped in our little car with our friend Catalin, ready to explore the pretty market town of Bakewell. In all honesty prior to our trip, I didn’t know much about Bakewell. Granted the name should have given it away in one way or another, as I bloody love a good cherry bakewell.

After a 90 minute journey through quaint towns, up and down hills and by fields of cows, we arrived in the buzzing town. As it was a Saturday afternoon, Bakewell was pretty busy. We started our day exploring by wandering through the passageways, where we had a nosy in shops and cafes.

Bakewell Peak District

Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, Travel blog, UK

The entire day centred around food pretty much – but surely this means its a sign for time (and money) well spent? Our first stop was at The Red Lion. Despite it being slightly chilly outside, we grabbed a table in their beer garden. The guys ordered homemade burgers which were apparently pretty good – I on the other hand, opted for a good old portion of fish and chips.

In an attempt to work off our calorific lunch, we set off on our own little walking tour. This mainly consisted of visiting the The Georgian House Sweet Shop, buying two packs of fudge from another souvenir shop before chilling in the village green. The village green had lots of unique flowers and plants – which were very much enjoyed by the party of bees. We chilled for a bit, before heading in search of (yep, you got it) something sweet.

Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, travel blog, UK


Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, travel blog, UK

By this point, the afternoon was well into the swing of things and finding a place to satisfy our sweet craving was a challenge. We knew we wanted to try a bakwell tart as it would have been rude not to – but the challenge was where to go for one. In the end we settled upon The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop after we spotted a free table.

The menu struck us as there were two types of local delicacies on offer – the original Bakewell pudding and a tart. As we were a party of three, we ordered both along with pots of tea and a strawberry cider for Catalin. The Bakewell pudding was served warm with custard and it had a rather unique taste. The puff pastry was rather thick and the filling was too sugary – I couldn’t actually taste much else apart from egg and sugar.

Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, travel blog, UK

While this was a tad disappointing, the good old Bakewell tart soon made up for it. It was sweet, crumbly and oozed flavour. After eating as much as we could, I went into the shop and explored the things they had on sale. There was lots of great products, from homemade bakes to kitchen accessories – plus lots of lovely gift ideas.

Our day of exploring soon ended as we waddled back to the sweet shop and picked up a few extra goodies before chilling by the River Wye. The town centre of Bakewell is quite small and we saw the immediate area within a few hours. It’s a lovely town to spend an afternoon away from the city and there’s plenty more nearby which you could also explore. One thing I’ll be taking away from Bakewell is the smell of their famous puddings – and a slightly larger waistline too.

Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, travel blog, UK

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Brew and Bloom, Bakewell, Peak District, travel blog, UK

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